Also Known As ILC
The most amazing place on earth.
Everyone is really friendly and cool, and you make the best friends in the world.
Sure the head counselors are obnoxious, and the dailies suck, but you will remember it forever.
Where are you going to camp?
Independent Lake Camp.
OMG I love that place, I did circus there years ago.
by Kellylauren August 5, 2011
Also known as ILC
An amazing summer camp in Pennsylvania, where kids from all over the world come and can have the best summer EVER!!! Many people make friendships that last them a LIFETIME! Some camp traditions include.....
Songfest (standing on the tables at lunch and dancing to various songs)
Ilc’s got talent ( a camp wide talent show)
Bastille Day celebration (dancing and singing by the waterfront and don’t forget Krispy Kreme)
Independent lake camp is the best camp in the world!!
by Sam103 August 17, 2018
one of the worst camps in the nation, known for having sex and smoking pot. horrible surrounding and awful campers who are usually all losers.
Independent Lake Camp is a camp in Pensylvania.
by Rana1895 September 25, 2007