Acronym that originated in the 1950's at MIT meaning "I Hate This Fucking Place". Adopted by attendees of numerous schools afterwards; most notably by the three US service academies, where the letters find their way into not only conversation, but a great deal of graffiti-like uses and spirit missions, or both. Most cadets/midshipmen tend to believe their school (West Point, Annapolis, or USAFA) was the one to originate the term.
Firstie: Freshman, what are the five most important letters you'll learn here?
Freshman: Sir, the answer is, IHTFP!
Firstie: Are you allowed to use acronyms freshman ?!??!
Freshman: No sir!
Firstie: That's right. 30 pushups, now!
by USAFA guy November 30, 2006
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An acronym used by students at what are considered to be high-pressure instutions, including, but not limited to, MIT and the various military academies. Historically, the acronym stands for "I Hate This Fucking Place." However, a large number of backronyms have been applied to the term in recent years, the most notable including "I Have Truly Found Paradise," "I'm Here To Fly Planes," and "Ingeneous Hacks To Fascinate People." A long list of these more recent meanings can be found at
IHTFP: I Hate This Fucking Place
by ASFalcon13 February 08, 2006
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A five letter abbreviation often used at academic institutions, most notably, MIT. Originally, supposedly, it stood for "I Hate This Fucking Place". Over time, other expansions surfaced, including "I Have The Finest Professors", "I Hate The Fucking Pressure", "I Hunt The Finest Pussy", among others.
by tommyz July 21, 2003
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acronym for "I Hate This Fucking Place", found in common usage at the Service Academies, particularly the Naval Academy.
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
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An affectionate acronym used at military academies (US Air Force Academy for one) which originally meant "I'm Here To Fly Planes" and then came to mean, with time (and lots of cynicism from the dumb shit cadets are made to do), "I Hate This Fucking Place"...
And the fucktard who said it was from MIT is just plain stupid...go find the square root of something homo...
Cadets who wish they had gone to a normal college=IHTFP
by Loves To Get Away from the Zoo October 26, 2005
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"I Hate This Fucking Place" number one used acronym at the Naval Academy, especially in 10th company
Practice parades, musters, inspections,watch-IHTFP
by W.T.Door April 10, 2006
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generally referred to as "I Hate
this Fucking Place", most notably used at military institutions
"Man watch again, IHTFP."
by lurch April 29, 2003
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