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the most amazingly in shape, smart, hot, brave group of men and woman

Ten Reasons to Love A MIDSHIPMEN
10. White goes with everything
9. Gifts from exotic places
8. They never get lost
7. A man who knows how to iron
6. Loves your cooking
5. Big boys with big guns never miss
4. Love Letters in the mail
3. Hard bodies, soft kisses
2. Uniform...Uniform...Uniform
1. Proud and Strong, all night long
by zimm10 October 09, 2006
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People that attend the Naval Academy. Usually they are dorky guys with insane GPAs and Class Ranks, but underneath the geeky facade they have the drive, determination, and motivation to buff themselves up in order to protect our country and those they love.
Civilian Guy: I hate midshipmen! They're dorks that take away all the girls.
by tina June 15, 2006
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Socially awkward (typically) boys who didn't get the time of day in highschool and are transformed into "men" who think they are gods gift to women. Become womanizers who really just want a girl to kiss their ass and be his mommy. They love to complain how much they hate the Academy but they are getting PAID!!!

Whoever said the 10 reasons why they are awesome clearly has not experienced the truth
Non Local (think- DC) female: "Ooooh midshipmen. They are so cute in their uniform"

Local female: "Nothing but a ring knocker"
by thetruthhurts2 September 16, 2007
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