One of America's premier institutions charged with educating, training and inspiring leaders of character. Alongside the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coastguard service academies, the Air Force Academy is the Air Force's rivaling school for producing commissioned lieutenants for service to the nation. Among the top colleges in the country, very difficult to enter, and highly challenging to complete, yet reputable and prestigious to graduate from. Based on foundations of Integrity, Service, and Excellence with school pillars concentrating in Military, Academics, and Athletics. Around 50% of each class elects to be pilots while the other half sign up for various jobs that the Air Force offers.

Grads love it, students can't wait to get the hell out.
Bob just graduated out of the Air Force Academy. Now he's making dough, flying planes, and getting some serious girth on his resume.
by Streamlined August 18, 2011
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Bob: "Where will the United States obtain its next generation of war fighters?"
Tom: "No need to recruit now, Bob. The Air Force Academy will take care of our nation's needs for at least another 20 years."
by W.S. October 13, 2003
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United States military academy that promotes the abuse of alcohol and the sexual exploitation of women. Holds a special commissioning ceremony for its fly boy cadets each year.
Unlike West Point and Annapolis, the Air Force Academy thinks it is above the law. That attitude will soon change.
by Lt. Andrews September 22, 2003
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The government play-school where little boys and girls get to pretend they are as good as the navy while wearing their blue bus-driver hats, and singing the A.F. Hymn
BTW - the Air Force Hymn should go like this

Off we go into the wild blue yonder..........

by CrazyIrishman June 19, 2005
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