Quite possibly the most boring, aimless, pointless individual ever to be elected leader of any British political party. His becoming leader of the Conservatives led to there being, for the first time in history, no waxwork made of the official leader of the opposition. Apparently they agreed he was a total non-entity and couldn't be bothered to make a waxwork of him. I read somewhere a cardboard cut-out of IDS was made. It probably had more charisma than he did.
IDS - living proof the Tories are never going to be elected into power again ever.
by StormSworder August 15, 2006
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when a boy casually touches himself down there (has to be more than 15 times in less then 3 minutes)when he thinks no one else is looking
Wow that kid tom has IDS. He cant stop touching his privates, and he thinks no one is looking!
by gym class hero April 04, 2009
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A combination of the following English words, "disrespect" & "Dissuade"
Yo, she's just straight disrespectful. We should Ids her to the social function. She's straight rude.
by DerpTrain August 01, 2019
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