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IDP = In Das Pooper. Slang for anal intercorse.
"Dude, she was hot!"
"Did you IDP?"
by Ketchup June 24, 2004
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IDP (I Did Poo...) followed by the number poo you have done.

A shorthard reference for talking about your poos in text messages or groupchats. Generally used to keep track of how many poos you have done during the day or it can be used as an ongoing means to track how many poos you have done for the year.
IDP1: Sludge Bucket
IDP2: Spraytown
by Baxter Tomato May 30, 2018
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An IDP (or "Instant Dance Party") occurs when a large, mass of people gather for a social gathering that encourages mingling and rotating small-talk (house-warming, boat christening, or happy half). If this system is met with an outside system of music containing enough bass, the collision (partially elastic) will reverberate into a fully formed IDP.
"Why don't we have more IDP's around here?

"Because Eddie Patch needs more bass."
by TsTG August 15, 2011
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Acronym for I'd Pound when speaking in reference to a person of the opposite that is within hearing distance.

Also as an exclamation or a proclamation that one Double Penetrates or enjoys being DP'd.
Mark:(in a whisper) Dude that girl sitting across is a 10.

Steve: For sure IDP.


Logan: So what are you into?

Lexi: Well IDP
by dasprinkler November 01, 2010
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