Being cooler than the coolest. cooler even than ice cold. Dry ice cold makes ice cold seem lame. Dry ice cold is extremely cold (mega extremely cooler than then ice cold).
so cool not even Naruto believes it.
The computer freezes because of coolness of being dry ice cold. The coolest is here with stylish clothes.
by HawaiianPunch1 January 10, 2010
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A refreshing beverage selection in Balitmore, Maryland. If conditions are right, it can be had for a very reasonable price, sometimes as low as only one dollar. Always most effective if it's ice (ice) cold (cold).
I got that ice cold water! And it's only one dollar. And it's only one dollar.
by jimothy3tmith August 5, 2011
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A killer that doesn't have any feelings when he kills somebody.
by icedhunter September 6, 2005
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A large balloon filled with nitrous oxide often sold in concert parking lots or festivals.

A whippet.
Nitrous Mafia: Who wants an Ice Cold Fatty? $5 Each or 5 for $20.
by Psychedelic Andy June 2, 2009
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Large balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide AKA "Laughing Gas."

The term Ice Cold Phatties comes from the unscrupulous hucksters who try to sell them to you in a concert or festival parking lot. "Ice Cold" because they're straight from the metal tank and literally cold, and "Phatty" because the buyer always wants the largest balloon they can find.
Get your Ice Cold Phatties! $15 or 3 for $40!
by Jacaranda November 8, 2021
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Something said or done that causes the black guy standing next to you to say:
"That's some ice cold shit, <name>!"
by Dr. Shatner June 6, 2004
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