Someone who eats onion , who goes outside witouth a sweater and who Speech is generally hardcore.
Steven Is one Ice cold motherfucker , he ate an onion for lunch and went outside in winter with a t-shirt , also he made a dragon cry.
by KFCUnited September 22, 2010
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An Ice Cold Jelly is an ice cold coconut from which you drink the coconut milk. When we were in Jamaica our cab driver was so nice that she actually drove us to an Ice Cold Jelly stand and bought us an Ice Cold Jelly with her own money, just so we could truly experience Jamaica, mon. A couple of straws and we were drinking straight from the nut. Truly heavenly, twas!
Pass me an Ice Cold Jelly!
by The Steel Pan Man June 24, 2009
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Poo that's as cold as ice!
I'm freezing my butt off, it's ICE COLD SHIT COLD!
by Kaffekopp May 5, 2008
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Really good Black Metal music.

Bands like:
Friend: "Whatsup?"
Black Metaller: "Listening to some ice cold black metal."
by Bartender670000 January 15, 2011
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Naming the seven diatomic elements:

Have (hydrogen) No (nitrogen) Fear (Flourine) Of (oxygen) Ice (iodine) Cold (chlorine) Beer (bromine)!

Much easier to remember than i bring clay for our new home!
Dude, can you tell me what the seven diatomic elements are?

Have No Fear Of Ice Cold Beer!

Thanks, Man!
by masterhobbit May 17, 2012
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When a black girl says "my drip is ice cold" you can bet your life she is talking about her nether region down below. The context this phrase is said in is a usually a tense argument between a couple when their love life is beginning to fizzle out and sex is a rare occasion.
Boyfriend: babe I'm just not in the mood right now.

Girlfriend: well you better get in the mood cuz my drip is ice cold.
by Ramoriah November 26, 2013
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