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The ability for a certain subject to express themselves.
I wanted to have a certain expressibility in my paper, but the word expressibility isnt defined anywhere...well it is now.
by Do.g March 8, 2004
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In the spirit of the mile high club, but for those who couldn't afford the plane tickets so are just taking the train.
Me and my girlfriend thought we would join the ranks of the prestigious mile high club, but had to take the train home instead. We went for the meter high club instead, but forgot that they can throw you off a train a lot easier than a plane.
by Do.g October 2, 2007
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Raft Guide: That rapid was hairy
Dude: Kin A
by Do.g April 14, 2007
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awknowledgement of someones comment or joke, but indicating it wasn't funny.
John: I love girls that wear their PJs all day long, it's like they are ready to jump in bed at a moments notice.
Jack: ha
by Do.g October 11, 2005
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what it sounds like when people yell "i'm game" across a river.
by Do.g May 8, 2004
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giggle my motherfuckin ass off
by Do.g March 6, 2004
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