Mainer(Noun): fahckin, a wicked good person from that wicked good state of Maine. Said person was born and raised, and possibly had generations of family before them also live in this fahckin' place. I mean jesus fuhkin' christ, it's someone who uses r's where there ain't none, and doesn't use r's where they'ah supposed to be.
a Mainer will say, "Jesus Mary and Joseph, it's fuckin' roastin' out he'ah. Goin' to Bah Habah for some Lobstah' sounds like a good idear. 'Cause down there, the wind comes at a wicked good clip."
by GoldTooth7313 July 25, 2006
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As a Mainer I will admit:

1 we live here willingly

2 were just off brand Canada

3 moxie is fucking good don’t deny it
4 we just got snow and I’m wicked happy

5 and uh- Jesus fucking criced!

6 you can’t get a sentence out, it’s not that we’re rude we just go “ayuh ayhuh, yea yea” because we wanna participate in the conversation.
7 i haven’t slowed because I have been shoveling snow all night
“Mainers willingly live here”
by Invader zim fan ;-; November 25, 2020
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A spike, needle, the sharp part of an injection. Usually this slang is used by people on needle drugs to describe their experience with the needle without saying the word "Needle". Their friends and family may use it to try to reach out to them. Also many kids use this slang wether they've had the experience or not to seem cool and like they know what they're talking about. This was also a slang back in the day for needles.
"Heroin, is my life and it's my wife because a MAINER in my vein leads to center in my head, then I'm better off and dead!"

"DJ, the next time I see that MAINER touch your arm I'm leaving!"

"Man we have to try it just once, I just got this from him and I think we should shoot up with his MAINER, just tonight"

"I think Mrs.Altman has done the MAINER and she's lost it."
by DJ RedSneak April 25, 2009
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Complex chemical compound formed by mixing toby, sts and a heaping tah. End result has been proved to be hazardous and could cause death by severe beating. If such reacttion occurs, call your local poison control center immediately.
"I wouldn't do that to a Mainer!"
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A resident of Maine, USA, who is born and raised there.
She's lived in Maine all her life. Now that's a true Mainer.
by crd January 4, 2005
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a picture with potential to be your main facebook or myspace picture.
"Dude, that picture is good. I'm going to crop it and make it my mainer."
by lalalacy July 8, 2009
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When a man takes another man's fist and fists his own ass.
Dude, that guy was so hardcore, he always wants to do an Angry Mainer.
by Mr. Mainer November 18, 2010
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