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Something one bravely says to a trusted someone when confronting a biggest fear. And to face that fear (instead of running) and to honestly say "I'm Scared" can unexpectedly bring comfort.
"Dear God, I'm Scared."

"Doctor, I'm scared."

"I'm scared."
by no pain March 19, 2013
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Something a person may think to themself alone at night, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Something a person may know, but be terrified of facing.

Something a person may say to a friend in confidence, when they are finally ready to face their fears.
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This phrase is mostly used when someone sees an image, text, or social media post and they begin to have a series of veitnam flashbacks so instead of saying: "*Vietnam flashbacks intensify*" they instead say "i'm scared" in reference to the way something made them feel.
In this scenario two people are texting:
Person A: I found something in my mom's sock drawer
Person B: i'm scared
Person B: what did you find
Person A: a dildo
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by _depressedcasualdemonshit_ December 01, 2019
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