Infering that you have a gun or are ready to catch the heads.
Guy 1.Bitch ill fuck yo ass up!
Guy 2. Mutha fugga I'm right here,I'm right here!! (lifting his shirt and showing a gun tucked in his pants)
by Bboydanyo June 24, 2009
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something someone says to get you to look behind you
"I'm right behind you"
*looks back*
*no one's there*

*looks around*
*no one's around*

:shrug: eh I'll just go back to searching up random shit on urban dictionary
by sak_ura March 13, 2021
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Original saying was "I'm all right Jack, pull up the ladder".
Meaning when a man had got safely on board ship by climbing the ladder from the sea or from a lifeboat, don't bother about saving the rest of the guys because I don't really care about them.
A thoughtless self-serving person when asked to sympathise or help someone who had lost his/her job might say "Well, I'm all right Jack!".
by CathC June 22, 2009
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(originally: "Fuck you, Jack, I'm all right!!" - described the bitter dismay of sailors ("jacks") returning home after wartime in the Navy to find themselves not treated as patriots or heroes, but ignored / sneered at by a selfish, complacent, get-ahead society - phrase was subsequently toned down for acceptable general use.)
Attitude of "every man for himself, survival of the fittest, devil take the hindmost", ... but also, that all the possible advantages (however gained), success (however won) and satisfaction (whatever the cost to others) belong to me first!" Narrow-focus, narrow-gauge pseudo-Darwinian selfishness glorified as a sensible philosophy of society and life.
People who find it hard to say "I'm all right Jack!" outright, say to anyone they find no longer useful: "I'm trying to get my life in order right now, so can you respect that, please?!..." (just before they throw themselves laughing into more fun and merry chaos!)
by kofi May 19, 2003
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A girl says when she has an orgasm
Girl: *moaning* ooh god... yes.. yes... yes! I'm cumming right now! Cum in me daddy! Fuck me!
Guy: *moans as he cums hard*
by BigCocklover333 October 12, 2020
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(N) When you're pushed to the corner during a debate or an argument, and you have no valid points to put across, you may use this slang to save your face and guilt your opponent. This is an important victim card in India.
Policemen caught Joe riding without license. They urged him to come to the nearby police station as punishment. Joe instead of accepting his crime, said : "you caught me Because I'm a Catholic, right?"

The policemen, feared of being called communal, let him go.
by Skrrrrrr234 October 09, 2018
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