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looking sketchy by wearing your hood up and dressing in dark colored clothing. To completely be murking you must also be making a gurgling/ sucking noise (tongue also included).
sketchy man (in dark corner of the room) : "guurururrurururrrurur"

garrett (small white boi): "that dude is murking so hard, I'm afraid his tongue might fall off."
by Kim Mcdaniel the third May 02, 2008
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Putting a vacuum cleaner nozzle up one's anus and leaving on suck until it looks like you are breathing in very deeply.
Also known as a vacuum enema.
Murking may only be confirmed if there is the presence of faecal matter inside the vacuum cleaner after the attempt.
N.B. most 'murkers' have a general use vacuum cleaner and a separate vacuum cleaner specially for murking (this is done for reasons of hygiene).
Fancy coming 'round mine for a 'murk'?
You have been 'murked'!
Is the pope a 'murker'?
Nancy had a 'murking' party.
by Big Boy Murker2k1 February 07, 2009
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