Manna is a beautiful and an amazing human. She helps you with everything and is the nicest person you ever know . If you lose her then thats your loss because she is amazing
Manna is amazing
by Olivia1729 March 2, 2021
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A blessing from heaven. A good thing that people always want. Sometimes, if you just wanna lay loose and have some fun, a Manna would be a great thing for that time.
"OMFG, I'm so damn horny, I need a Manna!"

"You're such a great friend! You're a Manna from above!
by Exp0 September 23, 2009
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A creature that scours the backyards of Rye, NY. It usually resembles a bear or sometime of wild beast mostly preying on men. Not women.
Hey did you see manna?! Yea he totally caught Matt in the ass.
by Raymond F. June 25, 2010
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Miguel and Anna's kid's name!
The ship name for a kid with a big ego! The smartest and funniest kid in the class!
WOW! Is that Manna?
I wanna be like Manna!
They are so smart.
by Brooklyn & Bethany June 27, 2017
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dun know manna like basically yeah like ya crew and that blad so ya bout to go town, turn on ya nokia 6110, old skool like ya dun know den range to link da manna and go cotch in maccidees and buss a few bars on road.
G DAWG: YO blud lookin for a quick mana link-up dun know

kazzie: trust fam manna causing bare havoc on road

G DWAG: BRAP BRRRRRRRRRAP, manna killin the scene, hol tight snitch, hol tight bruza, korny, banger, G1 Skeng1, da whole crew

kazzie: YA DUN KNO
by kazziefam August 26, 2010
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1. n. A boob. Plural, boobs. Usually refering to large ones.

2. n. A particularly superficial (female) philly hipster who no one really likes because she's a condescending bitch. A manna thinks she knows everything and is convinced that she is always right. She is so disliked that even her closest friends enjoy maliciously talking about her when she is not around. She is also very promiscuous, however, being a whore does not work toward her advantage because she is usually bad in bed. Though she dresses well and appears beautiful on the surface, the rotting evil from within her corrupt soul seeps though her joke of a personality leaving behind a vile stench that trails from thrift store to thrift store. She also has very bad posture and talks with her hands so excessively that it is often mistaken for her having a seizure, it is not cute at all.
1. "Check out the huge mannas on her!"

2. "If I see one more manna with a mullet I'm going to fucking puke."
by Gangsta-Gal July 26, 2006
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