Universal meaning for, "come at me bro" or "bring it on". It is meant to fire up the directed person.
You don't want it, lil ass nigga!
by Crafty Bernardo February 28, 2012
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What you say at the start of a question to influence the answer (usually to suit yourself)
Instead of asking "do you want..."
Passenger: "You don't want petrol money do you?"

Driver: "Ummm... no, course not..."
by Ozzy01 January 15, 2011
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A comeback or phrases used when in a argument or as a response when you don't want to hear the other person anymore T.A.P
Mom- Ty clean your room

Ty- I don't want to clean it

Mom- What did I say, you better clean it now
Ty- You don't want no sauce!
Mom- ??????
Ty- Exactly
by Djknockonwood January 11, 2012
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a very bad outcome; serious trouble or a big mess; a beatdown.
"Dude you keep saying that and you're gonna get something you don't want."
by Joe Bone March 09, 2005
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A taunt popular in 2010 for a general response to any question. Using this response often gets a further negative response of the non-violent nature towards the question asker, and often used as a joke to assert oneself as one whom cannot be beaten in a fight. Often ended with "Brah" or other noun.
A: Markel, why didn't you respond to my text last night?

B: Because you don't want to fight me.

A: Shut up, I'll beat you up right now.

B: But you still don't want to fight me.
by Elementalpowerstar December 11, 2010
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