Shanika... Not only is she the god of gracious she is woman herself.. Strong, beautiful, nurturing, intelligent and all around a great person. Very shy and conservative when you 1st meet her but has a wild side when teamed up with her lover. Extremely loyal to those who deserve it and earn it. If your lucky to snag a Shanika you better hold on to her because her love is endless. She will forgive you when you hurt her the most and stand by you once you show her your worth.. Betray her and you may as well be dead...
Get you a Shanika and treat that Queen right
by A Queen has spoken October 25, 2018
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One of the smartest and most beautiful people you will ever meet! Shanika’s are EXTREMELY fun to be around and give the best advice when needed. Shanika’s can sometimes be confused with being mean, but in reality they are actually nice. Shanika’s are known to have a strong intuition and they are family and church oriented. Shanika’s are great lovers and if you ever meet one, you’ll know not to cross a Shanika. She will not stop until she get revenge! So, the best thing to do if you meet a Shanika is love her unconditionally, don’t fuck up her trust, stay honest and true to her. She’ll do the same for you! Best looking, best sex, smartest person, true ride or die! She is known to have alot of haters that want to be like her but they can NEVER amount to SHANIKA!
Guy: Damn I can’t believe I fucked up with Shanika...
Homie: Damn man, should’ve never let that fine girl go. Too late now.

Guy: Them sorry pussy bitches was not worth it smh. She was the BEST at EVERYTHING.

Homie: Damn.
by Best Girl in the World December 26, 2019
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A Beautiful Black Woman Who Is Highly Mistaken As "Ghetto" When In Reality She Is The Sweetest, Loving Person You'll Meet & Easy To Get Along With. Most Likely a Rough Upbringing Causes Her To Be Head Strong & On Her Way To Greatness.
Shanika is so nice she would give her last dollar to see you happy!!
by Shuntai' October 13, 2013
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a queen bitch, she is impossible to deal with and is always acting like dictator; avoid at all costs
Every time I meet a Shanika I know its going to be a bad time
by zapator September 26, 2017
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A slang word for Christmas that became popularized by two koi people. A traditional holiday greeting dating back to December 2020. Dozens across the universe are known to greet each other during the holiday season with the term.
Merry Shanika you fucking gimp
by Merry Shanika December 9, 2020
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she is some well bum black girl! everyone wishes dey was like her! SHE GET MAN EVERYWHERE SHE GO! she got a ghetto booty and AAAA sized breasticles
OI BRUV.. check how shanika that gyal is!
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An assertive arrogant self scented person who has a big god complex and thinks she is better then others Shanika will often tend to be offensive most of the time but once you get to know her she’s still a cunt
Do you know Shanika”

Yes she’s assertive
by Dozing Germans January 4, 2022
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