A disc golf and smoke shop located in Grand Rapids, MI. The name Hyzer's comes from the disc golf term Hyzer
My buddies stopped into Hyzers for a new 11-arm perculated ash-catcher and a couple of new and used discs!
by Hans Grueber October 27, 2011
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The tendancy for a golf disc to turn in it's natural direction. (left for a righty backhand, right for a lefty backhand)
Hey man, that dog-leg left is perfect for a natural hyzer shot.
by Ben Budd April 12, 2006
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The state in which band students are constantly playing their instruments yet never ready to play their instruments.
*Honking loud sounds on their instruments with a fiery passion*

Ok, let's start rehearsing at measure 20.

I need a reed.
What piece are we playing?
What class is this?
Do you have valve oil?
Are we playing today?

Oh the Hyzer Paradox.
by The Nightfly October 24, 2019
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The state of being when young musicians are always playing their instrument but when they are starting to play music, they are not ready.
Conductor: students since you have all been playing let’s start playing our first price.
Student: Teacher I need to oil my drum sticks can I go do that ?
Conductor: this is the hyzer paradox
by KrakenTheJaken October 18, 2019
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