Also known as "Grand Crapids" or "Crap Rapids," a shitty city in West Michigan. The unemployment rate is 12% and the shopping centers and roads are PACKED 24/7. No one has a job yet everyone is buying stuff and crowding up the stores. The sky is gray 9 out of 12 months, the sun does not exist there in 9 mths, which makes you freezing, pale, and depressed. Full of ghetto people and bums who ask for money, and if you give them food they throw it back in your face, cuz you damn well they wanna buy some weed! Nothing to look at. There are no mountains - its flat as fuck. Burglaries and crime are rampant. Home of the Rodrick Dantzler killing spree. People do not know how to drive. The "beach" is not a beach. It is like a shitty, cold ass arctic icy body of water. And last but not least the vehicles look like they are just coming from a war zone in Iraq, or were used for practice in military bombing. There are no auto inspections and no one knows how to use a f@#king turn signal/directionals-which explains why every car looks like it came from a war zone because of accidents, or possibly being hit by IEDs (and no one has money to fix it, nor do the cops care if your car ain't safe to drive!) If you have lived somewhere else other than here, than you KNOW what I'm talking about...welcome to life in a third world country...
Hey, have you been to Grand Rapids, MI? Oh yeah, that shitty city in the US that is like Afghanistan!
by Zooky1 January 11, 2012
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