2 definitions by The Nightfly

Value rating of a person based on how many mouse clicks or screen taps it takes to find their naked photos on the internet.
*Watching a movie*
Dude: Who's that girl? I'm going to check her click factor.
Dude: 3 clicks and I see her titties.
Other dude: Click factor of 3, not bad but she’s no star.
by The Nightfly August 19, 2020
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The state in which band students are constantly playing their instruments yet never ready to play their instruments.
*Honking loud sounds on their instruments with a fiery passion*

Ok, let's start rehearsing at measure 20.

I need a reed.
What piece are we playing?
What class is this?
Do you have valve oil?
Are we playing today?

Oh the Hyzer Paradox.
by The Nightfly October 24, 2019
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