Hylie is a Korean female name, Hylie is a cute, kind and well behaved girl. She is fun sized and really good at cuddling. If she likes you you are lucky because she always tries to give you a good time. She is a delight with a magical smile there is no way that she doesn't give you positive vibes.

And she is a really good company!
Friend A: Oh look there is a really cute girl in the street
Friend B: Damn, she must be a Hylie
by E-T-H-A-N-V August 17, 2018
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A super pretty/hot/adorable girl! I mean she's all three. She is always caring about others and can be quirky at times. Her smile will brighten your day and she always has great stories. Her name is so unique too!
Have you met Hylie? She is so funny!
by summersday88 November 16, 2019
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A dumbass ship of a donkey and a dad (hellokylie and Hayden summerall) dude the ship is a joke just like hello kitty or whatever tf it’s name is
Hylie makes me want to throw up. It’s fake and toxic”
by Hanniefan101 February 18, 2018
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the horrible ship between Hayden Summerall and Hello Kylie
Hylie is a horrible ship , hannie is real!!
by hannieisreal February 17, 2018
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Hylie is just fake like fake

Hannie is always going to be real not hylie why bc ppl hate u
Hylie it fake like who a fan of hylie not me honey....
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Johnny, did you get my gift for you? hyli!
by pseudonymous bosche February 7, 2010
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