Hayden Summerall is a 14 year old boy who has a cute face and adorable curly hair. Aside from that he is very talented and has an amazing heart. He is also sweet and kind to everyone especially his fans.
Hayden Summerall is sooo cute , he makes my heart melt
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Hayddn is a singer and songwriter. A 14 year old boy who is the SWEETEST ever. He is rumored to be dating Tegan Marie. Hayden is dating Johnny Orlando #johayden
Hayden Summerall has a concert next week
by nonofurbusiness April 14, 2019
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An idiot named Hayden who played on the most iconic queen (Annie Leblanc)

He is annoying

And a player
RIP hayden
by Hayden playerall May 18, 2018
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He’s a hoe who cheated on Kenzie and Annie and had used them and the Orlando’s for fame
Hayden Summerall is aka Hayden Playerall
by Hayden Yee Haw Boi March 18, 2019
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Annie Leblanc's Man. He is a very cute boy with some cute messy curly hair. He will never stop loving a girl (Annie Leblanc). Hannie all the way. -hannieheartu
by Hayden Summerall September 11, 2017
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Hayden Summerall, a cute sweet fun kid. All he need is Love I love him to death always smiling it was Annie LeBlancs fault about hannie being over so leave Hayden alone :)
Hayden Summerall is soooo cute I love him I am gonna fan girl!!
by Hayden Summerall September 18, 2018
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