A ship between two people, Annie Leblanc and Hayden Summerall. Everyone ships them because the would be so cute together. Although, they are just best friends they would be a great couple. And everyone knows Hayden has feeling for Annie, and Annie's has feeling for Hayden they just don't want to admit it.
Hannie is the og
by Kim A July 04, 2017
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A ship name representing 2 twelve year olds Annie Leblanc a singer, gymnast, model and a rising star, and Hayden Summerall a pop-singer also a rising star. They both joined together to do a cover of little do your know and their music video blew up and got 1 million views in only 4 minutes . Anyhow they are honestly the definition of goals and I can't blame the Hannie shippers for wanting to ship them because of various things that have happened like Hayden hugging her, Holding hands at a restaurant, and their cute music video that screams Goals af.
Annie Leblanc Hayden Summerall Hayden little do you know music video Goals af Hannie hannie
by Famoustags June 19, 2017
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Hannie is two 12 year olds that get shipped because they are so cute together which is Annie and Hayden
Annie and Hayden =hannie ❤️
by Dakota_13 June 06, 2017
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Hannie is a ship name for Hayden summerall and Annie Leblanc. They have not actually confirmed that they are dating but have given hints that does confirm that do like eachother and are a "thing".
Hannie is real!
by Thehanniesstan September 13, 2017
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A ship of two young people named Hayden Summerall and Annie Leblanc. This is their ship name that was created by Bratayley fans. In June of 2017, they created a cover of the song “Little Do You Know” together.
All Bratayley fans ship Hannie.
by fireball100 October 14, 2017
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Hannie is a ship name between Hayden Summeral (12 y/o) and Annie LeBlanc (13 y/o). This is a popular ship because of many pictures and clips of them hugging, holding hands, and much more.
Fangirl 1: hey, have you seen Hayden's latest Instagram post?
Fangirl 2: Yea, Hayden was carrying Annie on his back! It was adorable!
Fangirl 1: I love hannie!
by Voltron.is.life December 15, 2017
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