hustlin's doin whatever you gotta do to get that paper
by Painn January 6, 2008
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Havin the ambition and drive to do everything and anything to make mad money. See hustler... Also a term used for "tryin to obtain sum booty".
1. I've been hustlin nonstop to get that Escalade
2. I was hustin Alyssa at the club...See was WILD!
by Alotafagina April 18, 2006
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What Rick Ross is doing everyday.
(Answering phone): "Yo, Rick! What you up to today, mang?"

Rick: "Man, same old, same old. Everyday I'm hustlin."
by whatsupnm July 19, 2010
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1. The act of one breaking the law to get more money, which may or may not result in mo' problems. Usually involves selling drugs (slangin), pimping or other illegal activies.

2.What Rick Ross does daily, apparently.
Guy: Everyday I'm hustlin'!
Girl: Bitch, you work at Burger King, you ain't no hustla!
Guy: I wish I worked at BK. I work at Cook-Out, nigga.
by RedStar93 October 18, 2009
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Contrary to popular belief, hustlin typically describes selling yourself for sex, aka prostitution. Where a female who has sex for money is just called a whore, a male who has sex for money is called hustler. Male hustlers are usually found roaming the streets looking to get high, by picking up johns cruising for a piece of male ass.

Gigolos differ with hustlers, as they tend to only have straight sex.

Films that reference hustlers: American Heart, Milk, My Own Private Idaho, Christiane F., Transamerica

A hustler is not something you want to be.
Jeremy was always hustlin his ass on the streets of San Francisco to make a buck until he caught aids and died. He was a true hustler.
by ReformedDrugAddict March 22, 2010
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When you're hustlin' and not going anywhere.
"Oh I'm hustlin'...I'm just hustlin' in place." - BF
by icwish October 3, 2009
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when a homie keeps his gas tank just above empty because of a lack of funds to fill it up any further...most of which has already been spent on alcohol, weed and food.
Homie 1: Man, that nigga Coomsay's gas dial is barely above empty. He always has just enough to turn his engine on.

Homie 2: I know man, that nigga Coomsay is gas hustlin'.
by ThatNiggaRule March 25, 2007
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