3 definitions by Alotafagina

Havin the ambition and drive to do everything and anything to make mad money. See hustler... Also a term used for "tryin to obtain sum booty".
1. I've been hustlin nonstop to get that Escalade
2. I was hustin Alyssa at the club...See was WILD!
by Alotafagina April 18, 2006
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Usually a larger robuste woman wearing plaid and elastic waist pants, that truly enjoys buffets. Visiting cheap buffets 3-4 times a week, often calling in advance to reserve a table up close for less walking. Staff know her by name. Buffet Queens look at eating as a technique.
Oh my gawd! Here comes the Buffet Queen...HIDE THE FRIED CHICKEN! Is she sweating gravy????
by Alotafagina May 4, 2006
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A term used for a red head- due to the fact 'cabbage patch kids' had tendencies to be red haird and have freckles. Also a slang used for the box of a red headed female.
1. Jade you crazy ass cabbage patch, BEAT IT!
2. Them brunettes have a thing for that cabbage patch...
by Alotafagina May 4, 2006
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