1. A large amount of cash.
2. An amount of cash a person keeps on hand for emergencies.
3. (both M's capitalized) A popular CNBC TV show in which financial analyst Jim Cramer offers stock tips.
1. I sold some of my old toys on eBay and made mad money off them.
2. When you go out on a date, you should bring some "mad money" with you so that if your date leaves you at the restaurant or movie, you can take a cab home.
3. "Mad Money" is by far the most entertaining financial-advice show on TV.
by Marc412 March 6, 2006
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Money kept for unlikely contingencies, for example a rather unsuccessful date.
My boyfriend wanted to have sex in his car last night but I didn't. Good thing I had mad money so I could buy a train ticket home.
by empirexstate January 18, 2007
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The money that allows you to tell your date to kick rock.
I shall always have some mad money for the cab home.
by Her Serene Highness February 22, 2015
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an overwhelmingly annoying stock-info show hosted by a man who gets overly excited about stocks
The guy on Mad Money uses sound effects to make stocks more exciting
by holly golightly721 August 8, 2005
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someone with a large amount of money
that d trump has mad money
by zekeharris February 3, 2006
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A person who will engage in almost any activity, frivolous or substantial, legal or not, in the pursuit and obtainment of money.

Another slang term for the phrase "Money Hungry."
My friend Michael has a severe case of money madness. Every time you see him he's always talking about hatching some scheme to hustle a dollar. But as bad as he is his girlfriend Donna's case of money madness is almost terminal!
by Who 'Dis? Who 'Dat? August 28, 2018
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