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The best European county. Best water polo team in the world...Most beautiful girls. and of course good food! Good people!
And no Hungarians are NOT hungry all the time!...whoever thought of that was soooo clever
by VERA November 21, 2004

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A night when a girl goes out with only other girls, when she claims that she is "bonding" with her fellow females. What this really means is they all get dressed up as sexy as possible so they can get hit on/meet as many men as possible, because as we know girls in large groups get noticed a lot more than girls by themselves.
Baby, don't worry, it's just a girl's night out.
by Vera August 21, 2003

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I big headed fool, who things he's gods gift
ur as big headed as gibo
by vera February 13, 2004

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Non existing gilfriend, Norm's wife on Cheers that you never get to see.
Can't hang out with you guys, gotta meet the new girlfriend.
- Tell Vera I say hi.
by vera April 19, 2005

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