pulchritude means beauty, when somebody is pulchritudinous they are beautiful.
"My girlfriend Emily is the most pulchritudinous girl in the world"
by horse May 6, 2003
perhaps the most ironic word in the English language. Few would guess that this awkward jumbling together of hard consonants means "physically attractive." Anyone, whether or not they know its meaning, ought to feel offended, and possibly violated, when likened to this unequivocally ugly word or any of its variants. An exception would be sepulchritude, which refers to a supremely destructive display of physical comeliness. Pulling off an act of sepulchritude is really awesome.
James, if you make reference to my so-called 'pulchritude' again, however flattering your intentions, I will be forced to castrate you with this spork.
by vozbox July 24, 2010
Pulchritude denotes beauty so extreme that it creates a grotesque state of excess. Note that pulchritude is not a mixture of beauty and grotesqueness; rather, pulchritudinous persons or objects are only grotesque in that their beauty is so awesomely disconcerting as to render onlookers trepid, if not to repel them altogether.
The pulchritude on display by the notorious party school's leisure pool kept all but the most stoic faculty members from frequenting the spot.
by James_Hogg August 16, 2011
The glow that emits from a man's genitalia when fully engorged. Also known as the Aura of Arousal
Brian was embarrassed by his pulchritude at the Comic Convention.
by jrobinson March 5, 2009
a vast and plentiful array of the fairer sex in one given place. An assemblage of hot-looking chicks at a given locale.
When cruising through the mall today, it was definitely a veritable smorgasbord of feminine pulchritude.
by weave September 7, 2003
a small girl's name who plays junior roller derby. she is a pretty good jammer for her age, although she still has a lot to learn. she needs to enhance her skills at blocking.
person 1: Who's that jammer? she's doing well!
person 2: That's Pulchritude Punk!
by TuPunk October 14, 2012