A country full of racist assholes who think that they're the Aryan race, although the Aryans are a people who became today's Iranians and Indians. Well known for collaborating with the Nazis in World War II and exterminating thousands of innocent Jews, Romanians, Serbs, and Roma.
They also think that any non-Hungarian is a "gypsy".
Stupid American: I'm going to Hungary for vacation.
Serb: Why? Those assholes attempted to exterminate my people!
Romanian: They occupied Transylvania!
Romany: They hate us for no reason!
Jew: Those fucking Nazis...
by RomanianSerb July 12, 2012
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Unlike being hungarian, to be hungary means to be hungry of Gary Allan.
"I saw Gary last night on TV and I was soooo hungary"
by The C. Geek April 01, 2009
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