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When a man rolls into a ball, sucking his own cock to the point of sweet creamy release.
Hey, did you hear that Ian's dad caught him Hulking out last night?

That sure is a mouth full.
by JoseTheKnife March 22, 2016
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(v.) When your clothes (particularly sleeves) are too tight and are maybe even beginning to rip off your body because you are too jacked and/or fat. (an unfortunate affliction for female athletes)
I'm hulking out of this shirt; the sleeves are too small for my massive swimmer shoulders.
by SwimmerShoulders June 07, 2010
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When someone takes to much cocaine. Usually referred to Hulk Hogan in some way.
Watch out guys Hulk Hogan is huling out again
by Sephiroth September 21, 2003
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