A person with a huge group of friends, a party around him at almost every hour, dance moves that could kill (WATCH OUT!), and a body of steel. If this person calls you shorty, you're in, if this person tells you to crill, you may as well leave before things get ugly.
is that a party around him at almost every hour?!?! HUGO?!?! IS THAT YOU?
by shortywannacrill November 15, 2010
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Hugo is the guy with the biggest dick imaginable. Its so big he could put any girl in a coma
Awwh Hugos dick is so big
by ben_dover69420 October 10, 2019
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Hugo is a guy who would never let you down. He'll make you smile all the time, he is the most sweeties friend u will have. If you need him we'll be there.
FRIEND: How is Hugo?

Hugos crush/friend: hes good

Friend :goof
by Klight May 30, 2018
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A 2k king, the best that’ll ever teach you, eats the most rocks to become the rock. Makes the meanest sandwiches in town
Bro look at hugo go! Lifting them rocks!
by Curry curry September 21, 2018
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Aka rap god
Perfect then anything

The best rapper ever

Everything he do is right
Person a: I am hugo
by Hugothetruerapper January 03, 2019
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from the ancient greek hugonos which means son of Zeus, Hugo refers to divine origin. Hugo was the inspiration for the mythical tales of Hercules and Perseus. After the fall of Athens and the rise of Rome, Hugo was used as a mark of valour and bravery. First used by Augustus Ceasar, Hugo came to be applied only to the Emperors. With the fall of Constantinople, Hugo became a common word in the Middle-East and Asia. Today, the word Hugo has kept it's meaning of divine origin but it applies solely to one man, born in Quebec city on the 26th of July 1984.
It's obvious that her ass is hugo.
Yeah he's totally hugo.
Oh yeah you know me already baby, I'm Hugo.
by Bobby Bachelor February 04, 2010
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A sweet charming boy that can make any one laugh. He's always smiling and can hold on through the worst. He is the best friend anyone could want and he never lets you down. He's sometimes an idiot but other then that he's perfect!
Girl 1: Tommy is such a Hugo
Girl 2: So's Aurther
by WordMKR March 29, 2016
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