A sensitive guy who can sometimes let his feelings get the better of him. He’s super loyal and once he finds a friend, they’re stuck with him forever! Sporty and can’t stop eating. Hugo’s are always there for you and will never let you go. If you let him down though, boy you’re in for it. Very protective of the ones he loves but doesn’t show that side of him to often. Loves a good footy game with the mates.
You’re always there for me, your such a Hugo
by 🇦🇺 July 24, 2018
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has a really, big dick. He's a beast in bed. He'll pleasure you better than your boyfriend/ex. He doesn't have to flirt with the ladies in order for them to notice him. He's adorable and hot at the same time.
Girl #1: how was your day?
Girl #2: I was with Hugo.
Girl #1: awww you lucky bastard. Gosh hearing his name makes me horny.
by masterpeapod February 7, 2015
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He's a great guy. Hugo could be you best friend and not let you down. He will be by your side no matter what. Never get in his bad side or flirt with his girl. He's a great man to his girl. Hugo loves with his life and not always get that affection back properly. He's the perfect prince charming...knight and shinning armor. If your his girlfriend you are a really lucky girl take care of him because he is worth all the trouble.
by Hugoswiffy January 10, 2014
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Hugo, is an amazing friend/best friend. He gets pressured a lot and if anyone won't realize it, then someone has too. He's a handsome, precious man. He really is someone you can trust. He would be your weird best friend. You will have to take care of this amazing man. If he gets hurt, then youhave to be there for him. AT ALL TIMES. This may not go to all Hugo's, But this will go to some Hugos. And I'm writing this to them, but I'm dedicating this to My one silly kitten. Hugo, an amazing, very awesomely wierd friend you can ever have in your life.
S: "Who were you just hanging out with??"
M: "Hugo, why?"
S: "Dang, Take care of him! You're really lucky!!"

P.S. EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. An actual Hugo told me this "Don't ever doubt yourself" and now, this message will be delivered to you :3
by Mystic_hedgie December 21, 2018
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Hugo is the guy with the biggest dick imaginable. Its so big he could put any girl in a coma
Awwh Hugos dick is so big
by ben_dover69420 October 10, 2019
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