Something so atomically bad ass that it's bigger, better, faster, and radder then everything around it
Sakeena is huger then all you fools.

Ayyyy fam you hear the new single momo just be huger then all them wack MC's.
by man on the moon 2 maybe 3 July 27, 2011
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When you are already huge but continue lifting to get even bigger.
Marriah keeps hitting the gym she is getting huger.
by 123yaright April 9, 2013
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Stop Messing With My Hole Your Gonna Make It Huger
by Tony Darst October 8, 2008
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hugerer is bigger than huger but not as big as gigantic
person 1: Man that rock is gigantic
person 2: no its not that big its just a hugerer rock
person 1: oh that makes more sense
by darock8846 March 18, 2019
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really big boobs. its a mixture of HUGE + HOOTERS
"Dude! That chick has hugers!"
by Ev August 24, 2003
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anyone who cruises any street with no reason
anyone who wears a beater and is not in anyway athletic
and more..
by laura March 19, 2005
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the person in the way back at a massive event just watching everybody else having a good time dancing,nozzing,etc..
When me and esmir went to hit the dance floor we could see little bobby jack being a wall huger in the way back.
by xrated92 November 22, 2009
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