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Major fallacy. Clearly an embittered soul created such a term.
by laura April 14, 2005
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Leslie walks out of the bathroom after an hour. "Anaconda."
by laura December 14, 2004
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the state of mental or physical distortion resulting from varying factors such as alcohol, drugs, fighting, etc.
After drinking Southern Comfort for six hours, Fred realized he had reached extreme manglanation.
by laura December 3, 2003
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a distorted state in which the mind/body experiences uncommon feelings. Results from alcohol, drugs, beatings, etc. Can be used in present tense also.
Dragon knew he was mangled after he drank the entire keg - by himself - in 3 hours.
by laura December 3, 2003
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someone or somethings with alot of problems
that stoner is a math textbook
by laura May 25, 2004
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1. To have a sour/mean look on your face.
That skank tried to dance with my man and I was mean mugging.
by laura December 10, 2004
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