204 definitions by laura

refering to something or someone of white-trash
eww she is so krotler!
by laura March 22, 2005
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videos or photos or views of up a woman's skirt.
you can get a good upskirt view if you have a mirror attatched to your shoe.
by laura December 28, 2004
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Meaning 'bottom' but people use it to pretend to be posh.
I see you baby, shaking that bothom of yours...
by laura March 25, 2005
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she takes my breath away, what a character i swear to god she is arousing to many species even such things as antelopes and that, she is like a very appetising meal for example a vol-au-vent even tho that is not a meal it would be if you were the size of ant.
one of the erotic C-Annex gals look it up i luv them as you can see but hey who doesnt, imagine if this was one of the c-annex tribe biggin up themselves how crazy would that be, not safe indeed.
by laura January 16, 2004
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a charney that suzes like laura
becky: you are the origional charn laura!
laura: thnx bex!
by laura February 21, 2004
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A very groovy bear who lives next door to a bimbo near a bridge made of stone and they climb lots of trees and try many a times to get lost......one day! then they both grow up and boys arent so nasty anymore!
They learn to drive, get bfs, leave them and go on holiday to minorca, come back and they buy houses next door to each other in tobaygo and live happily ever after.
'veggie grass'
budge blowing a whistle 'dinner time'
by laura November 8, 2004
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