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The population of Strongbad's Strongbadia
Population: Tire
by Ev July 30, 2003

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the coolest person in the UNIVERSE.
yo mella mella is fresh gangster.
by ev February 21, 2005

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really big boobs. its a mixture of HUGE + HOOTERS
"Dude! That chick has hugers!"
by Ev August 24, 2003

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A person who doesn't pay back his/her debts.
You gave that cork 2G? That scrilla's gone!
by EV October 24, 2002

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A description of how unexplainably awesome Gundam SEED Destiny is!
Person A:Gundam SEED Destiny is DAMN musopie!
Person B:Get a life, making up words...LOSER!
by EV October 16, 2004

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Good weed.
I was thrillin' last night after smokin' that jape.
by EV May 24, 2003

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a small penis.
That little boy's flute does nothin' for me.
by EV October 23, 2002

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