Hubby is short for husband but could also be used for a girl. A hubby could be used for a girl that you love & trust She is like your main & you adore & respect her U may also be a girl & call another girl your hubby
For Ex: My Best Friend (Ima Girl) is known as my hubby to me & I protect her with everything. I got

For Ex: She's my hubby, break her heart I'll break your face.
by Rosyyyy1 March 27, 2015
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Husband. A common, friendly way of referencing one's male spouse, in British English.
My hubbie's out playing golf, but he'll be back in time for tea.
by boppet March 14, 2009
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meaning "husband" as the term "wifey" means wife.
Tony is my hubby, he loves me.
by Tiffany November 3, 2002
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Derived from the noun "husband", it is used to indentify one's boyfriend (either signifying his potential as a husband, implying the presence of spousal attributes, or indicate ownage of one's boyfriend.)
"I love you, hubby. I hope to one day have your babies."

"Whatchu lookin at my hubby fo, you skank ho!"
by ning September 1, 2004
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Like wifey, it's the guy you wanna be around forever
Wanna chill?

Nah I'm gonna meet my hubby tonight
by DizzyLizzy November 22, 2006
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Most husbands have names – John, Dave, Benoît, even – but if someone really wants you to know they have one, that dude will be known only as “Hubby”. It’s used by those recently wed and bizarrely anxious to show they’re settled and sorted. First recorded in 1600, in 2017 “Hubby” is wrapped in “I have one, you don’t” smugness, a fast-forward to the kind of cosy resentment only 20 years of marriage can bring you. Listen carefully, and you can almost hear Hubby’s slippers shuffling towards you – even though he’s only 29.
Stacy: Oh look how nice my HUBBY is.

Blake: man you just made me cringe so bad "seizure"
by talk real shit October 22, 2020
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A sickeningly cute and sappy form of the word "husband".

This is a word to be avoided at all costs, never to be spoken, and will hopefully someday disappear from human vocabulary.

It's not cute, it's not endearing, and it's not sweet.

Seriously, it sounds f'ing STUPID when you say it. It smacks of middle-aged domesticity, desperate girls, homebody-military wives, and worthless people.

In addition, you sound EXTREMELY uneducated and hick-ish. Girls, do yourselves a huge favor - boycott this word.
I swear, every time you even think about saying this word you're setting women's rights back twenty years.
"That guy I married, he's my hubby."

"Oh, isn't my hubby a cutie??? I just love him!"

"I'd better do what my hubby says, he knows best"
by kirE August 22, 2007
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