a card game, for when you are beyond bored, that involves flipping a card over to determine different things that will happen in your life
bob: this party blows, let's play fast-forward.
okay ready, this is the next time your gonna have sex...
by tori haas January 7, 2007
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To overdose on drugs and go into a coma, essentially fast forwarding time
My friend is about to fast forward. He took too much nyquil.
by Crystalization November 6, 2018
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A person who has an intense desire to immediately receive fame and/or wealth without actually putting the conventional work in or the required talent to acheive their goals.

Commonplace among Young Hollywood.
Chris- "Jesus, do you ever read the garbage that Fame Whore Kim Kardashian writes on her Twitter feed? I almost feel bad for her."

John- "Yea, shes completely detached from reality, but thats what happens when you are a Fast-Forwarder."
by visto0101 February 1, 2011
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describing something thats stupid, or of low intellegence.
" Aw man im so fast-forward i failed that open book test with a 5 out of 65. "


" Dude that old lady's driving is so fast-forward...she's going through stop signs, and stoping when there isnt any! "
by phlipp March 11, 2008
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A b-movie rented for the sole purpose of fast-forwarding through to, to get to the good parts. (i.e. The scenes with tits).
Hey, I just rented a fast-forward movie. I think it's called "Dark Harvest 3." According to the MPAA rating on the back, this movie has "gratuitous nudity."
by NUTCRUNCHER April 8, 2010
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The total amount of minutes accumulated when starting a show on a DVR after it has already started to air live. Used generally to fast forward all the horrible commercials and horrible ads no one wants to see.

For an NBA game, you typically need at least 45 minutes of recorded show before you can hit "play" (depending on the speed you fast forward) to be able to skip all the commercials and halftime.
Friend 1: Hey, can we start the Cavs basketball game already?!?!

Friend 2: No! We only have 27 minutes of fast forward time, and I don't feel like seeing that annoying McDonald's singing fillet-o-fish commercial again!

Buddy 1: While we were gone, the football game has been recording for almost 2 hours!

Buddy 2: Awesome! We got some MAD fast forward time yo!
by Cptn Obvious April 16, 2009
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When one does a Cleveland Rewind and forgets about it. Then at a future date goes to wipe and gets his own poop covered paper.
I wish I hadn't been drinking when I tried that Cleveland Rewind cuz I just got the Cleveland Fast Forward.
by Maaatt123 February 14, 2008
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