A slang version of “Husband
“That’s my hubby” or “hey hubby”
by Hubby1 February 28, 2019
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A husband who's wife has chosen to take lovers (men or women) either in secret or openly, while denying her husband sexual activity. Noun or adjective;

A.) A semi-derogatory term used by a married woman to remind her husband that he is not a real man or husband and merely a hubby to her.

B.) A dismissive term used by the wife when talking to her friends and comparing her lovers to her husband.

C.) A term used to describe a husband who is a Wittol or Cuckold.
"Poor hubby...are you upset I'm going out again?"

"Now you know better...you're my hubby so you have to masturbate...no sex for you..."

"My hubby doesn't compare to my lovers, they are all so much better than he is...he's just my bitch"

"Yes she's married but she gets sex from other men. Her poor hubby is a modern day cuckold, he just doesn't know it..."
by SoCalHubby November 23, 2011
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A filthy word to call your faithful husband.
The correct word to call an unfaithful husband
My hubby is not home from work he is still with his secretary.
by DumbDumb0509 April 8, 2015
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A nickname for a husband.
Hubby and I are enjoying our 5 yr. wedding anniversary in Jamaica.
by sugah45 December 4, 2016
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Term of endearment, also like bestie. A guy bestie who you call hubby, and in return he calls you wifey
"Hey Hubby"
by actionheroerin October 23, 2009
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Hubby = homie, fren, hubbabub, teletubbbie, bro, boi, homie G, bb, any slang words for friend
"Yo, hubby, you're such my homie," the boy says and kisses her face. "WhAT ARE U DOING JIMMY" SHE SCREMS AND PUNCHES HIS FACE LIKE DAMN GIRL
by Saeran is My Husband March 5, 2017
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What most people don't know is that in Arabic hubby means "my love" or "sweetheart".

So it is very convenient because it's commonly known as short for "husband". That is if you love your husband!
- Can we get Chinese for dinner?

-Sure, anything for you hubby!
by BlueXY February 15, 2017
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