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As in "Hovis best of Both", meaning a mixed-race person with a black father and a white mother.
Yo, that guy is fuck ugly, I bet he ain't hovis.
by eeble April 22, 2011
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From Hovis' famous bread tagline 'the best of both - white with all the goodness of brown' it can either refer to a sexual partner of mixed race or commonly a girl whose vagina is so tight having sex with her feels as good as anal sex.
Isn't that the girl that went back with you the other night?


What was she like?

She's Hovis
by TwoPies November 21, 2011
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adj. Dead, deceased.

From Cockney rhyming slang: Brown bread=dead. Hovis is noted for producing wholemeal bread.
"If your parachute doesn't open at 10,000 feet-- you'll be hovis"
by Roger Mellie 84 January 17, 2008
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