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A common nickname for Atlanta popularized thoughout the United States and abroad for over two decades by the marketing efforts of the Atlanta Convention Bureau and various trade and tourist organizations.

The "Hot" in "Hotlanta" refers to the many wonderful things to do in Atlanta, especially the sexy nightlife Atlanta is famous for. To a lesser degree, it also refers to the hot summer temperatures common to Atlanta.

While in the past, the term "Hotlanta" was used primarily by those visiting Atlanta, with over 340,000 Google entries, "Hotlanta" is now commonly used by most Atlantans and has become synonymous with "Atlanta".
I'm going into Hotlanta to have some fun tonight.
by John Pennington August 23, 2007

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The mother of all panic attacks, it's three times worse, and you don't see it coming. It eventually leads to continual meltdowns, and the fallout affects everyone you care about.
OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm having a Japanic attack!!!
by John Pennington March 25, 2011

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