Freshly extracted semen from an alpha male
“Drip,Drip, drip on the hunnies on the hunnies”
“What are we drippin exactly”
Hot Cum
by MichaelPeen December 29, 2021
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Freshly extracted semen from an alpha male
Drip on those hunnies
“What we drippin exactly”
“Hot Cum”
by MichaelPeen December 29, 2021
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My god u put your German sausage in my hot cum cooker and it made me bleed.

I can bake your cum in my vagina and to a nice 200 degrees.
by Jam09 June 10, 2009
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The bubble that forms around the top of a cup after a guy has ejaculated his semen into the cup and then put the cup into the microwave for a minute or so. The guy usually then takes the cup out of the microwave and pops the bubble with his erect penis which causes a blast of warm air to be shot into his genital region.
After having sex with the snowman I made, I decided to make a hot cum balloon with some semen I had stored in the fridge so I could pop the bubble with my erect penis and thaw out my frosty shaft.
by cantbetheking November 8, 2013
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An Old man telling you to shoot hot #cum
Me: no lol why would i buy your game
by 1h3 g00d g4ymer February 27, 2019
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A girl/woman who constantly loves to chug dick and swallow. Essentially, a walking sperm bank.
Colin, your mom is an amazingly hot cum dumpster!
by G-spence July 20, 2006
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wen ur Gurl wantb da D an she wunt da hawtnuss goin down her h0le
by sukk me January 10, 2018
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