Something you say to someone when you feel absolutely no sympathy for them when they are acting like a spoilt brat.
Said with extreme sarcasm or false compassion much as you might use the term “diddums”.
Guy 1: someone ate the last of the potato salad! I was saving that for my lunch...
Guy 2: naaawww! Hot chocolate!!
by Skyehi November 19, 2018
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Melted chocolate in a cup. Mix it with milk and Winter is here.
I drank Hot Chocolate and it started snowing.
by lexgurl3 December 1, 2012
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A wonderful, warm chocolatey drink. Most popular around the Holidays and winter time. Usually associated with marshmallows.

It is also, apparantly one of Josh Rmasay from the SPECTACULAR Canadian rock/pop punk band Marianas Trench's favourite things to scream in the middle of Subway. Hardcore fans will laugh.
Person A: Hey, I'm going over to Timmy's to get a sprinkle doughnut, you want anything?
Person 2: Hot chocolate please!
Person 3: Oh I do so enjoy hot chocolate on a cold winter's day!
Person 1 and 2: Okay then...


Person 1: HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!
Person 2: Hahahaha! Oh My Gosh! "On February 24th...the new Jonas Brother's CD comes out"
Person 1: Yeah! We're hardcore fans!
by imma_hardcore_fan_biathces April 13, 2010
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A game in which three or more males steep their balls into cups of steaming hot cups of hot chocolate. The first person to remove their balls from their respective cup is the loser and must drink everyone elses cup. Marshmallows optional. Great during the holidays or when sitting around the camp fire.
Johnny's mouth was left hairy and burnt after losing a game of Hot Chocolate.
by Timmu - DamnedInBlak December 4, 2008
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When a person chews a Hershey's Kiss without swallowing; the other then kisses deeply, licking the chocolate off the tongue
Herbert: Hey Pixie, I want some chocolate...
Pixie: What kind of chocolate do you want?
Herbert: HOT Chocolate!
by ThePrinceof336 March 13, 2011
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