A word typically used by gamers to describe the act of destroying the enemy ruthlessly.
player 1: did you see that other player? he just eliminated the entire enemy team!

player 2: i know dude, he totally melted them!
by dirtgore September 18, 2019
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A Scottish slang word to describe someone absolutely blazed.
"Mate, I was absolutely melted yesterday with Greg"
by Wank doctor August 29, 2017
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When a sesh soldier is absolutely at the end of their tether and simply cannot handle any more shenanigans, they are Melted
'Come on son, get a another Scottish handshake down you!'
- 'can't mate, I'm absolutely melted and feel like Satan himself is punching me in the liver'
by Dr. Novice October 4, 2019
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When a segment or piece of music is so ridiculously trippy it feels like you're brain is melting.
Jack: Aye, did you hear Death Grips new album?
Liam: Yeah, the Black Dice intro was melted.
by Yung L Da BasedGod October 1, 2012
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A state of mind you fall into when you take too much MDMA. Said melted person would feel like they have melted into or onto whatever they are sitting on. A melted person would not be able to do anything productive for 2-3 hours after the consumption of the drug.
"Susie was so melted when she said that to you"
by TheMelted December 23, 2009
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A word typically said when one is, "shitted on" via real life or the digital world.

Nerd #2: Damn, he just got melted.

Nigger #1: Dang cuz, you see young Frank throwing that right hook on that herb ass bitch down on the corner?

Nigger #2: Hell yeah, that nigga was melted!
by Chachi Jones Jr. September 13, 2013
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Mary: I booked cinema tickets for tomorrow and now we don't have a day off school then!
John: Melted
by Mick O Morrissey December 5, 2009
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