How sad, how unfortunate, poor you. Used in a mocking way
You: My cat cratched me,
Friend: Awww diddums.
by Dave March 28, 2003
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diddums British
an expression which seems sympathetic but which really means the opposite
"I hurt my finger." "Ah diddums!"
(A) "Our children want to play in the mud." "Diddums!"
(B) They have decided to take part in the marathon in their holidays." "Oh diddums!"
(C) "The neighbors on the third floor are at it again." "Ah diddums!"
by Dave888 December 20, 2002
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A sexual act wherein one partner deposits fecal matter on the other persons chest. See Cleveland steamer.
That chick was really freaky and wanted me to diddums after blowing me.
by hb0mb October 9, 2006
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A sarcastic remark for when something doesn't go someone's way. Generally following the word Aww.
"I can't buy any Chocolate"
"Aww, Diddums"
by LZ Stealth April 10, 2010
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What you would say if someone is talking about a stupid problem they have and you want to mock them
Allison: “My dad got me a red Gwagon but I wanted a black one
Sam: “Awh diddums, poor you”
by coconut scones❤️ February 19, 2019
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