A pretty cool band that toured with Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake and New Found Glory. Awesome in Concert
by anna October 7, 2003
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The act of rubbing chili such as a habanero on the tip of one's penis and counting how much said person lasts before they need to wash it off.
The party yesterday got pretty fucking wild-Jim gave himself a Habanero Hot Rod and lasted a full 30 seconds before screaming in pain and peeing a little blood later on.
by DirtyDictioner November 21, 2015
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other name for minecraft blaze

invented by tommyinnit and wilbur soot in wilbur's "minecraft but we cant say the letter "e" video"
wilbur: how kill blaz? (blaze)
wilbur: how kill hot rod boy?
by kajsksjaks May 15, 2021
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When you pour hot sauce down your urethra, immediately followed by intense masturbation.
Dude, I was home alone last night and I tried the Chesapeake Hot-Rod, I can't feel anything below my waist
by Jsully757 December 18, 2018
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Whatever Hot Rods is a growing company that is passionate about cars, burnouts, and good times. WHR gives gearheads a platform to be passionate about their cars and share stories with others that have the same interests. "Its all about what you like, and not worrying what others think about your car." -Tommy Zoerner, CEO
Person 1: Hey, did you see that car show that Whatever Hot Rods hosted last night? I've never seen so many Firebirds!

Person 2: Did I see it? Of course I did! I won the burnout contest!

Person 1: Damn, that's awesome!
by geargirl96 June 29, 2018
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A Chevrolet HHR. Something was definitely lost in the translation in this GM attempt to cash in on the Chrysler PT Cruiser idea. But the HHR seriously sux!
When I arrived at the airport, the only rental car left was a POS Homo Hot Rod.
by Trimmers January 12, 2009
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Meaning something beautiful, Something Unique and hard to find....something like Von HotRod. something With such love and care. Something you cant let go, even if the world is falling, Even if you have to let go. Von hot rod has Perfection, love, life, and everything you need to make life what you want. Nothing can ever change Von Hot Rod
"There is nothing like Von Hot Rod."
by MegLynn975 February 3, 2010
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