Two Versions of this early car were produced the first was in 1903-1904 with a horizontally-opposed 2-cylinder engine producing around 8HP with a top speed of about 40Mph, it had a base price of $750 or $18,300 today.
The second version the A Model was produced from 1927-1931 with a Flathead four cylinder producing 40HP and a top speed of nearly 65Mph. (Thats super fast in one of those things 35 mph is scary trust me) it had a base price of about $500. the later versions came from the factory with an oil leak. This was to keep the rear main seal lubricated, (so don't get wired when you see one leaking). most of these late Model As were in a since niger-rigged for use as a saw mill or what ever a workin' man of the Great Depression needed.
Ford Model A, Model A Wood-Saw, or Look At That!!!
by Shadetree#2 July 14, 2011
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To take a dump. (In honor of Art Modell, who screwed the people of Cleveland by moving the Browns to Baltimore.)
My dawg took a Modell in the neighbor's yard.
by Therickman October 30, 2004
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A guy who only dates models
He dumped his girlfriend when she lost her modeling contract- what a modelizer.
by mmmgirl March 12, 2004
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(1)Model is a male or female that promotes an product,agency,event,clothing line,etc. There are different types of model including, Print,Fashion,Swimsuit and Promotional. They come in all sizes and ages. Females usually have to be 5'7 and higher for most modeling and for males about 5'9 and higher. Although Print models have no height requirements. They build up portfolios and create comp cards to be booked for modeling jobs and the payment is reall good depending on the jobs you can and how much experience you got.
Tyra Banks is one of the most famous Victoria's Secret Models.
by DYME-ModelMaterial15 September 29, 2004
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A person who poses for photographs, usually to sell clothing or products. Makes for some interesting Reality TV.

Yeah, a lot of models ARE airbrushed--but it's ignorant to say that "OMG SHE'S SKINNY SHE MUST BE BULIMIC." There's nothing wrong w/ being a little skinny, the same way there's nothing wrong with being a little overweight. People should stop hating on skinny people.
Normal person: Did you watch America's Next Top Model yesterday?
Ignorant moron: WHAT? SO I CAN SEE SOME LAME ANERZIXC GIRL? No way!! I'm fat and proud!!!!
Normal person: Er, okay then..o___O
by ANTM fan November 10, 2004
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