When one sticks a flaming dildo up someone's ass
Kathy and Stacy both gave each other a hot rod last night
by Cats are assholes February 20, 2016
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An act of oral sex performed upon a male, in which the individual performing the act has half a mouthful of a warm or hot beverage, including but not limited to: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, tabasco sauce, or chicken noodle soup.
'Hey Ryan! What's with the ice pack?'

'That girl gave me a Cincinnati Hot Rod last night. It's gonna burn for weeks, but it was totally worth it.'
by Elipses S Grant October 14, 2013
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The act of doggy style sex that includes a couple of "accidental" swift yet violent thrusts into the girls anus.
James was givin brandy a spin until a good muddy hot rod ended it all.
by barchizer February 26, 2014
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A stripped down or highly customized vehical of vintage nature... Often alot of horsepower goes hand in hand with this vehical, not to be confused with its lesser counter part the ratrod,the hot rod car is very well planned out and done nicely with a good looking paint job... They usualy attract alot of attention from common folk and the cops but this will always be one bad ass vehical
That hot rod car is totally bitchin !!!!
by Tower09 November 22, 2016
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This is where you go into a pizza shop, and one of the pizza makers jacks you off with a hot, freshly made Stromboli. Meanwhile, the head cook (usually known as Mr. Pudgie) prods your butthole with a chicken wing covered in x-tra hot sauce and shards of crystal meth. After you cum into the Stromboli, they have you fart out the meth, x-tra hot sauce and subsequent anal blood into a piping bag, which they use to inject the contents of into the cum-filled meat pocket. You get to take this home to your family, along with the bloody, meth and blood-covered x-tra hot wing as a garnish. Dinner can now be served.
Little Billy: “I’m hungry, daddy”.

Dad: “You know we’re on a budget, you little shit! Why don’t you eat some creamed corn from the cupboard? .. and don’t forget to share it with your sister!!”

Mom: “You know little Janie and little Billy are allergic to both cream AND corn, you lazy, unemployed, drug-addled gambling addict son-of-a-bitch!!”

Little Janie: *muffled cries*

Dad: “Goddamnit you fucking twat!! Why did I have to cum inside your wretched fish tank, instead of being smart by shooting my load into your adult diaper??!! .. *tries to calm down* .. Ok look.. My asshole is pretty much healed up from the last time, so why don’t I go down to Pudgie’s Pizza to get us all a Buffalo Hot Rod?”

Mom, Little Janie & Little Billy: “Yay!!!!”

Dad: “Daddy loves you”

Audience: “Awww”

*end scene*
by cocktupus January 5, 2021
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Similar to the Texas Chili Bowl, the Texas Hot Rod consists of ingaging in an act of sexual intercourse. From the "doggy-style" position, the giver will put Tabasco on his penis, while wearing a condom. Then he will then insert his sauced up penis into his/her anus/vagina. To fully achieve the element of suprise from the burning sensation, one must not tell the reciever about the Tabasco in advance.
"My boyfriend gave me a Texas Hot Rod last night and my ass still burns, last time I dont make him a ham sandwich after sex."

"Hey hunnie, I'm going to pick up some condoms and 'supplies' for tonight... have you ever heard of a Texas Hot Rod before?"
by Wheres the Beef? October 4, 2006
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Ill rapper from Phoenix he signed to G-Unit and has dropped a few mixtapes which are all fire but has not dropped an album yet he claims to have completed an album titled Fast Lane Young Hot Rod claims the album was recorded in under 2 weeks with the help of 50 Cent

Some of his hit songs are

>I Like To Fuck
>Be Easy
>Work It Out FT. Lloyd Banks
>Coolest Nigga FT. Lupe Fiasco
Yo Young Hot Rod is fucking fire have you herd his single be easy its soo gangsta
by cdawg91 August 7, 2009
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