1) During sex, pulling out from one girl and inserting your penis (hot rod) into another girl's vagina while it's still warm.

2) In the same night, after having sex, have sex with another woman so your dick is still hot form the last.
Wow... I managed to pick up two girls last night and went hot rodding from one to the other all night!


After I was done having sex with Cherryl, I was still horny so I called up my ex and went hot rodding over to her place!
by danconia April 14, 2011
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Putting a line of hot sauce on your cock right before receiving a blow job.
Things were getting heated so grabbed the Pace and took her hot rodding.
by Obi Wan Vader Skywalker Wookie February 5, 2012
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A colloquial term used to describe the result of excessive male masterbation.
Calgary: "Dude! Whats with the hot rod?"

Dakota: "Found my Dad's porn collection while my parents were out of town for the weekend..."
by Daniel Pinion October 24, 2006
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A beer, typically a beer in a large can (i.e. 16oz or 24oz).
Hey, I'm thirsty, hit me with one of those hot rods.
by PNash April 27, 2008
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when a male applies icy-hot to the condom before engaging in sexual intercourse.
"brian didn't see that hot rod coming"
by Siobhan H August 1, 2005
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The act of lighting your dick on fire during sexual intercourse
I think I suffered 3rd degree burns when Tyler was Hot-Rodding me last night
by Handyklapped May 3, 2021
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