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When a person who was previously not hot becomes hot and doesn’t realize it yet. Normally these people are cooler than people who have been hot their entire life. This is also known as buying in low.
Wow have you seen Megan in accounting? She lost a ton of weight and doesn’t even know how hot she is, she’s new hot unlike Tiffany who’s always been hot and is a total bitch!
by cdawg91 May 5, 2019
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A Rat scrotum is a person who licks the disgusting table at lunch. If your a RAT SCROTUM you are the biggest HOMO in the world and should go eat a bullet. just go under your dads bed and find his gun and kill your self.
HEY that Rat Scrotum Jay t killed him self yesterday after he became rat scrotum and made out with P-ROSS....
by cdawg91 May 15, 2009
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Huge ass vagina who likes to suck massive amonts of dick. One day in medial arts he started to make out with one of the digusting creatures he sits with. then he continues to do down on them and innanite to suck there dicks.
p-man326 loves sucking and fucking shemales.
by cdawg91 June 1, 2009
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biggest vagina in the entire planet he fucks and sucks shemales cuz he is a pathetic loser fag
p-man326 fucks shemales<<<<<
by cdawg91 June 1, 2009
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yo brian and frank put down the wii you fags and play some gta4
by cdawg91 April 30, 2008
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Rap group created by 50 Cent, current members are 50 himself, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. They ran the rap game from 2002-2006. Group and label seems to be picking up steam and moving back into a powerful position in late 2011 and will take the rap game back over.
G-Unit is the shit, fuck game bi-polar homo
by cdawg91 October 26, 2011
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Spin off of Booker T. Washington, it is a clever play on history sounds like his name but in reality it enables you to call anyone you want a hooker but being a hooker t washington is so much more than just a hooker you must also be addicted to crack and willing to do anything and I mean anything to get it lol also you must be willing to give blow jobs for under a dollar.
Me: Whats up Hooker T. Washington?
Your Mom: What?
Me: You know your just a hooker
Your Mom: I guess your right
Me: Lets make out
Your Mom: No
Me:I have 12 cents and some crack
Your Mom: I would have done it for 5 and half that amount of crack
Me: Sweet
by cdawg91 November 3, 2010
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