Phallus organ. Usually found on male species.
My boyfriend likes the feel of cold steel against his hot rod.
by N.A. June 2, 2003
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When take wear two condoms, out hot sauce in between them, and fuck a chick. then when she starts to scream you know to pull out.
Bro last night i gave this chick a hot rod the was screamig like crazy.
by bang r good April 23, 2010
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A movie regarded as generally the worst movie ever in human history. In stark contradiction to the cinmatic genius of semi-pro.
Matt and martys favourite movie hot rod is really bad
by yodafromstarwars September 4, 2008
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A fast car, mostly home-built from the 20's to the 40's
A 1932 Ford highboy roadster is the quintesential hot rod
by Scott December 11, 2004
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An insult to a person who is in or driving a mobility scooter.

Where it came from;
The insult takes the piss out of real hot rod owners thinking they own the road

hot rods usually consist of old people who have no idea or think they know how to drive a mobility scooter properly, they usually drive too quickly and can’t turn correctly, thus resulting in a crash or having the back of your legs smacked or scraped by the bumper on the scooter.
This is usually followed by a "oh, it’s ok" but people want to say "for fuck sake drive that think properly".

some hot rod owners, can customized there mobility scooter by putting a number plate of there name, or customize it with some sort of stickers or other crap such as beads or in the worst case rear wings (spoilers) or other body modifications

Hot rod owners also have there gran kids hang on the back or front to make them look like cool grandparents
mark was shopping in a store when a mobility scooter clipped the back of his legs while knocking items of the stores shelf.

mark; oh thats ok

mark ,while in pain, thinks "fucking hot rod, drive that thing proberly"


mark was shopping and a mobility scooter hit his leg as it passed by, the person driving the scooter sped up and acted like nothing happened

mark; calm down hot rod
by 88MOOSE88 July 29, 2010
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Any car built and somewhat customized from the period before the muscle car era (mainly during the 1920s-40s)
My '48 Fleetline hot rod can absolutely buttfuck any gay-ass tuner on the road today.
by Dirty Monkey Sex December 4, 2006
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So last night I was totally getting blown but then she gave me a hot-rod.
by sorrymrp April 23, 2009
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