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Sexual intercourse where one or both participant(s) is wearing a crucifix or other religious regalia. Horting may also include statues of saints and virgins rolling and bouncing around on the bed with the fornicating couple.

Etymology: Hort is an acronym deriving from Holy Oaks Rocket Tramps- an informal group of girls from Holy Oaks Catholic Girls School, known for both their beauty and sexual transgressions.
Meldrick: Dame dude, WTF happened to your neck and face?
Connor the 3rd: Whilst engaging in a bit of horting with the fair and thicc Kate, our crucifix chains became entangled as we continued to copulate at a feverish rate, thus causing the unsightly scars about my neck. In the ensuing struggle to break free of our bondage- still horting passionately, a life size Jesus upon the cross toppled from the wall and thus upon us as we climaxed in heavenly ecstasy.
Meldrick: Oh.
by Eye Six January 27, 2019
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1) A drunken mis-spelling of the word "hot"
2) Extreme hotness of a vaguely homosexual nature
3) What Braden is
1) "It was cool braden coame over. Yeahg. I like him, his so cool.
And he is hort... Are you lyimng? SAve this convosation"
2) Braden is hort.
3) Braden is hort.
by The Editor March 24, 2004
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A combination of a "sport" and a "hobby". Used when nobody knows what the fuck it is.
Dance is a hort.
by Flicking off Life Story June 11, 2015
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Any kind of person generally retarded, with a large forehead and having a twin, most often of Romanian descent and able to believe that Russia annexed their motherland. More often than not they have no friends, except for their twin.
"Hey do you see Andrea over there hanging with her sister?"
"They are such horts"
by Prefontame October 18, 2009
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Hort is the state of being hot and bothered. To be or feel hort usually occurs during summer, however might be apparent after excessive exposure to heat (through activity, a heat source, or other means of heat production), combined with a feeling of agitation. Coined by W J Welburn, Adelaide, South Australia.
'Oh, for f*#k's sake! Sorry, honey. It's not your fault, I'm just feeling a bit hort.'
by Rae Wormwell October 03, 2004
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Hort refers to a person who is often physically incapable of doing simple everyday tasks, often referred to as 'Hort syndrome"
when someone trys to throw an apple in the bin from 2 feet away and misses they are a Hort or someone may say "he clearly has Hort syndrome"
by Call me Betty August 02, 2011
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